My name is Matthew Gage and I thank you for visiting This website has been a project of mine since 2007. In recent years much of my focus has been on my various duties as Associate Pastor at Friendship Baptist Church, which sadly has taken a toll on this little hobby of mine. I'm hoping to change that in 2017 with more resources and new material. I'm praying for a few needs (and a few wants, too!) that would greatly help me in making the tenth year of this site the best ever.

Be sure and check out the Baptist Basics University podcast series. This series of lectures are designed to be like Sunday School lessons or Bible College lectures. Completed lessons series include verse-by-verse studies of John and Acts, an introduction to Baptist History, and a practical series on Preaching. Over 120 lessons are available with more to come! For convenience you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and not miss a new episode. Sadly, I am unable to record any more at this time because of equipment issues.

Another available podcast is Baptist History Spotlight. This is a series of 3-4 minute recordings of biographical sketches and other topics from Baptist History. It is also available through iTunes.

There are many other great resources here. Take a few minutes and click the links at the top of the page to see the various offerings of