Below are notes prepared and taught during Sunday School classes and Wednesday Evening Bible Studies.

Table of Contents

Old Testament Series

New Testament Series

Topical Series

Life of David

Series in progress…

The Book of Malachi

Series in progress…

The Book of Nahum

The Book of Obadiah

The Book of Joel

Bible Prophecy

The Book of Micah

The Book of Jonah



The Book of Galatians

The Book of Ephesians

Life of Christ

This study is arranged in an attempt to cover the earthly ministry of Christ chronologically, event-by-event.

The Book of Acts

The Jewish Kingdom – Part I

A series that hopefully will cover the entire history of Kingdom Period of Israel, from Saul to the Babylonian captivity. However, the series was interrupted when I became a pastor. The premature ending of these lessons is currently the death of Saul.

Baptist Church

A multi-part series discussing the structure, function, and mission of a local, New Testament, Baptist Church. I have taught some of these lessons multiple times.




Theology 101

Study of basic Bible doctrines. When first put together these notes, the opening lesson on the Bible stretched into mini series on the King James Version.

Why I Am Not…

Studies of the origins of various denominations and some representative positions which I find to differ from Biblical or historic Baptist positions.


Studies on the subject of the Resurrection


Studies on the Gospel message

Misc. Lessons

Notes from Podcast Series

More notes are available that were used in the podcast series that were formerly produced on this site.