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Roy A. Kemp was born on August 18, 1899 and passed away on July 3, 1984.

From his obituary:

Kemp, a former Baptist preacher, wrote 11 books on biblical theory during a ministerial career of 65 years. He began preaching in 1917 and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1925. He was pastor of five churches and was dean of Bible Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth. He was a professor of theology at Arlington Baptist College for 20 years. He had several advanced degrees from Southwestern Baptist, Bible Baptist and Arlington Baptist and was inducted into a preacher’s hall of fame in 1976.”

Roy Kemp filled many roles in his ministry, such as pastor, evangelist, author, professor, and school administrator. He is perhaps best remembered for his associations with J. Frank Norris’s seminary and for preaching on Revelation using a massive chart stretching across the church platform. My childhood pastor was one of his students in the 1950’s and told me how he wished he could find some of his books again. That has always stayed with me. As my interest has grown in Norris and the men around him, Kemp has become of even greater interest to me. He was a rare mix of extreme intelligence and passionate service. – MBG

Resources by Roy Kemp

Roy Kemp Bibliography

Kemp’s obituary states that he wrote 11 books. It has been a challenge to identify these, but here is what I have pieced together. – MBG

The Path Ahead (1951). A verse-by-verse commentary on Revelation.

52 Stories in Revelation for Tots and Teens (1953). Included a set of flannelgraph pictures

Rendezvous in Paradise (1958). A book about Heaven.

Norris Extravaganza!: A Biography of Dr. J. Frank Norris (1975). A rather unique biography of Norris.

My New Sermon Book (?). Listed as available in Norris Extravaganza!

Our Bed is Green (?) A book on marriage. Listed as available in Norris Extravaganza!

Honey Out of the Rock (?). A book of sermons that is listed as available in Bless God which also states that more volumes under that title would be produced.

Honey Out of the Rock, Vol. II. (1970’s?) 98 pages of text. Contains the following sermons:

  • God’s Love Letter
  • The Ark
  • Going to Heaven in Covered Wagons!
  • Three Worlds
  • Why Don’t You Pay Back What You Borrow?
  • How Many Children Are Too Many Children?

The Golden Dawn (~1980?). A commentary on Revelation.

Bless God – Commentary on I Peter (1970’s).

12 Sermons, As Delivered (?). Listed as available in The Golden Dawn.

Things Angels Desire (?). This may be the same as Bless God.