I Have A Book!!!!

Paperback – Amazon.com

Kindle – Amazon.com

I cannot tell you what a dream come true this is! Huge thanks to Jason Mann for encouraging and aiding me on this journey.

My first (see what I did there?) book is a collection of fourteen sermons preached at Faith Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas. I have preached quite a bit from Psalms recently, so much so that my kids act shocked when I announce a text not in Psalms. I have greatly enjoyed digging into the practical and spiritual lessons from the structure and poetry of Psalms.

I have become much more of a manuscript preacher over the last few years, and these sermons are rewritten directly from my sermon notes. I think it made for a good first foray into publishing. I am already working on two more books based on some Wednesday evening Bible studies.

Below are the fourteen sermon titles, the Psalms they are based on, and links to recordings of the original sermons.

  • Don’t Break Your Harp! – Psalm 137 – Audio
  • Our Duty to the Next Generation – Psalm 78 – Audio
  • From Worry to Worship – Psalm 77 – Audio
  • Three Foundations for Prayer – Psalm 86 – Audio
  • Faith, Fools, Foes – Psalm 73 – Audio
  • Praying for a Higher Place – Psalm 61 – Audio
  • A New Song – Psalm 40 – Audio
  • Shadows of the Savior – Psalm 40 – Audio
  • Praise in 3/4 Time – Psalm 96 – Audio
  • The Heart of Righteousness – Psalm 26 – Audio
  • The Power of God’s Presence – Psalm 114 – *Sorry, no audio due to technical issues*
  • Our Heavenly Father – Psalm 103 – Audio
  • A Hymn of Hope – Psalm 3 – Audio
  • Handholds of Hope – Psalm 34 – Audio